Bulsar District Cricket Association

Shri J B Desai
Mr Janak D Desai
Mr SV Mistry
02632-248743 bdca42@yahoo.com
Jalaram Road, Valsad - 396 001 Gujarat, India

Bulsar District Cricket Association was fomed in the year 1968 under the leadership of former ranji trophy player and reputed businessman Shri kantibhai R. Desai .our association is affiliated with Gujarat Cricket Association since the year 1968 and by virtue of this affilation secretary of the Association shri K.R. Desai is the office bearer of Gujarat cricket association since 1968 and since about nine year shri K.R.Desai is the vice president of Gujarat cricket association.

Our  Bulsar District Association have already staged thirty “Ranji Trophy” matches,one “Wills Trophy” semi final ,four prof. “Deodhar Trophy” matches and two “Duleep Trophy “ semifinal and one final match ,10 cooch behar trophy, 6 “Con C.K. Naidu Trophy” and one “Vijay Merchant Trophy match”.We have the pleasure to highlight salient feature and progress of our Ass0ciation.We  are not leaving any stone unturned for promoting sports -cultural and social requirement of our area so far we have been able to complete following projects. Full size lush green play ground with truf wickets, shri Bhurabhai Desai swimming pool, RTN Dr.Moghabhai Desai multipurpose Memorial Hall, Ramna Bhura Sports Complex, Sardar Patel Stadium, Mamta Health Center with latest amenities.we may humbly state Ours is the only Disrtrict Association owning its own play ground and sports complex in India.we have produce many national sportsman during the eara. our club has been affiliated with 101 clubs.

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Shri H B Desai