Daman District Cricket Association

Shri Kishorbhai Tandel
Shri Jayeshbhai Desai
Mr Anil Tandel
Nani Daman
Daman Sports Complex, B/H Govt. College, Nani Daman - 396 210 Gujarat, India


Daman has been a land of fishermen and farmers. A very vibrant and playful district, Daman famous for its beaches and cuisine. Widely popular as a tourist destination, it also has a significant share of industrial activity. Cricket has forever been an immensely popular game played by all communities of Daman,

Cricket was played widely as a game of passion. Thinly pursued as a professional sport  by people of Daman. Until in the 1970’s and 1980’s followed and adored the Javan Tandel Cricket Club which didn’t just capture the imagination of Daman and whose cricket was appreciated and gathered attention not just in Daman but clubs from the north as far as Vadodara and to the south up till Mumbai loved to test their mettle against the Javan Tandel C. C.; many a members from this team were the founding fathers of Daman District Cricket Association.

DAMAN DISTRICT CRICKET ASSOCIATION was formed in the early 1990’s and was registered under law on 24th October 1994.  DDCA has never looked back from there; it has been instrumental in channeling many young cricketers to the Gujarat District Tournaments through Valsad District.

Daman has also been part of the New Area Development Scheme (NADP) by the BCCI.  Holding two modestly developed cricket stadiums capable of playing both day and night cricket, Cricket in Daman can be described as colorful & flamboyant which is fun to follow in any format of the game.

Registered under societies act on :- 24/10/1994

Affiliated with Gca on :- 15/11/2014

Other Member Name
Shri Jayeshbhai Desai, Associate Member