Surat District Cricket Association

Shri K L Contractor
Shri Dinkarbhai C Naik
Mr Dinesh S Zaveri
Lalbhai Contractor Stadium, Rundhnath Jakat Naka, Surat Dumas Road, Veus, Surat, Gujarat India


The Surat District Cricket Association (SDCA) was formed in 1933. The association didn’t have its own ground. Earlier, cricket matches were played on Police Headquarters ground and later on MTB College, K.P. College, and Baroda Rayon ground.

SDCA has its own ground now with a stadium on a land having an area of about 1,10,000 sq. yard; This was made possible only because of generous donation of 86,730 sq. yards of land, donated in 1986-87 by Shri Kanaiya and Shri Hemant along with their sister Smt. Jyoti, in memory of their father, Shri Lalbhai Ramjibhai Contractor who was a Cricket Enthusiast and also a founder member of the Bombay Cricket Association. Other donors too extended their support by donating 17,000 sq. yards area of land. It’s pertinent to mention here that due to the expansion of Surat city limits in 2006, SDCA which was earlier situated outside Surat city limits, is now a part of the city itself.

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Shri Kainaiya Contractor President
2 Shri Hemal Contractor Sr. Vice President
3 Shri S A Raval Jr. Vice President
4 Shri Hitesh Patel Hon. Secretary
5 Dr Naimesh Desai Hon. Cricket Secretary
6 Shri Mayank Desai Treasurer