Gujarat strikes yet again!

GCA club is an independent entity managed by GCA. This next-generation urban club is built to provide the ultimate lifestyle facility to the members. This is the best place to spend quality time with your loved ones and also to incline the practice to explore new circles.

Gujarat Cricket Club

Experience the sense of uniqueness at GCA leisure Club, where life brews with unbridled happiness!

Club Facilities

Lounge Area

Immerse yourself in the exclusive personal haven at our lounge area!

Whether you want to catch up with work or just relax away from the crowd, unwind yourself at the exclusive GCA club lounge area.An enclave for work, pleasure,

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Shuttle Court

Take your badminton goals higher at the GCA Club fully equipped badminton court!

“Badminton is like ballet dancing. It requires a lot of control, mind play, strength, measured movement, and lots of practice.” Practice your game at the professionally prepared, fully equipped badminton court at GCA club.

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Table Tennis

Play your best strokes at the table tennis table at the GCA Club!

Table Tennis is one of the fastest growing sports that requires agility, focus, hand-to-eye coordination, and lightning reflexes. All these can only be achieved with practice and mastering the sport.

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Billiards Room

Keep playing until you get it right in the best billiards room at the GCA Club!

A club without a billiards room is just like garden without flowers. For all those billiards lovers out there, GCA Club features one of the best billiards room in town with the best full-size tables as well as regular size tables.

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Steam & Sauna

When you deserve to be indulged and pampered, unwind at the GCA Club sauna bath facility!

There is a lot of buzzword around the health benefits of sauna bath. Turns out that taking a sauna proves beneficial for a healthy heart as well. So what are you waiting for?

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Changing Room

Whatever happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room!

At GCA Club, we have a separate exclusive dressing room facility that allows players or sports aficionadas change, get fresh, relax, and lock away their belongings. Separate changing rooms have been provided for males and females.

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Everyone needs a tune-up, so don’t stop till you drop at the GCA Club fully equipped Gym facility.

Turn FAT into FIT at our state-of-the-art gym and aerobics room that also has an experienced coach who inspires and commits to be fit! With his tailored workouts, you will fall in love with the concept of exercising

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Open Terrace

Open terrace at GCA Club, beautiful evening, gentle wind, and your memories, what else do you want?

The best feeling in the world is to sit under the stars with someone and just spend quality time, dine or just chill and relax. At GCA Club, we understand the value of this ‘me-time’

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3D Theater

Fun, entertainment, & home like space – Experience thrill at GCA Club 3D theater

Life is all about entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment! And this is what the center theme of GCA Club Home theatre is! This elegant and ritzy space is the nerve center of our club

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Swimming Pool

Splash and splurge in an open-air Olympic size swimming pool at the GCA Club.

With the city having hot summers, the idea of literally chilling in a swimming pool seems nothing less than a dream. How about getting some respite in those hot summers by diving into an Olympic size pool and having a good swim?

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Banquet Hall

Make your special evening and D-Day truly magical with GCA Club party venues!

Be it corporate events, special evenings, or your D-Day, celebrate your wonderful moments in style at the GCA Club party venues. Redefining the term luxury, our banquet halls have state-of-the-art

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All good ideas need to be fueled by great food – Explore GCA Club’s scrumptious restaurant today!

Food is everything. Food, Family, and Friends that’s all you need for a good life! Well, GCA Club has the best restaurant in town where you can have fun with your friends, family, and near-and-dear ones and chill over scrumptious food.

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Card Room

The only way to strategically train your brain is by playing cards at the best!

Do you love playing cards? Well, this is one type of game that can be fun for all ages! Card games are very popular and a great pass time activity for people.

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Squash Court

If you can’t beat them, Squash them at the squash court at GCA Club!

GCA Club offers a complete air-conditioned full size squash court which has variety of programs which can help you hone the skills and make you pro. The wooden walls of our court are so engaging and sturdy, imparting a spirit of sportsmanship.

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Club Activity

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Live life, love fitness – and swimming is the best activity that helps stay fit and fine. Enjoy swimming at the GCA Club’s Olympic size swimming pool and fall in love with the sports all over again!
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Life is a lot like billiards. In order to play you need balls, strategy, and patience! The billiards room at the GCA Club helps you prepare yourself to face life in style by practicing with 15 balls, hard-hitting strategy, and lots of patience and focus. Play today!
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Table Tennis

Exercise your mind and body at the best table tennis court at GCA Club. A game that requires focus, speed, and coordination will make you fit and fast in life. Enjoy the game for all standard and age groups with fun!
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The fully equipped squash court at GCA Club makes fitness fun to pursue. Enjoy a battle with your friends or just play to burn some calories – squash is always fun to rejuvenate after a long day!
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The only bad workout is no workout. Get a jump on your day at one of the best-equipped gym and aerobics studio at GCA Club. Push harder today if you want a different tomorrow. Be an inspiration and commit to being fit!
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Card Room

The card is the only game that encourages people to be great by playing strategically yet being playful. GCA club boasts of aesthetically awesome card room enabling card lovers to stay there and play all day!
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Indoor Tennis

Covered tennis facilities are extremely popular and GCA Club boasts of having one! With proper synthetic floors and good environment. Whether it’s a knock around with the family, doubles with friends or a regular match, enjoy a one-on-one at the court today!
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Playing badminton is a feeling you can’t explain! Bring out your inner Nehwal or Kidambi Srikant and practice badminton at one of the best courts in the city at GCA Club. It’s time to practice, sweat, and win, repeat!
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